BLUEBIRD the storyteller
a little dickie bird told me.....



Lauren star
3 afternoons March 2021 Zoom - Denmead Infant School

Just a huge thank you. 

Some of my children had the pleasure of listening to your stories at school this week and absolutely loved it. 

They have retold them many times and were truly captivated. 

My 6 year old told me "just by her voice and her words I was able to see the pictures in my mind". 

You are really inspiring, thank you.


Caroline star
November 2020 Zoom - 1st Bishopton Brownies

Bluebird was brilliant tonight. Doing anything over zoom can be a challenge but she kept the girls (& leaders) enthralled. I definitely recommend her to other groups who want something a little different for their meetings


Eileen star
March, April, May 2018 The Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson

The Royal Armouries Fort Nelson commissioned Janet to write three stories about Fort Nelson during WW1.

Janet was a delight to work with and tailored perfectly her new stories to our needs. She delivered two of the stories as Bluebird the Storyteller and trained us how to deliver the third.

The story time sessions were well attended and the children clearly had a lot of fun, as did all of the adults.

All the best Eileen


Nickie star
08/12/15 & 31/10/17 Bordon Brownies

We have had Bluebird The Storyteller, twice to our Brownie unit. Each time the girls have been caught up in their own imaginations inside the stories. The girls have thoroughly enjoyed the stories, and have been total amazed and stunned by them. The stories have enable the girls to use their imagination and think creatively.

When asked the girls what they thought about Bluebird The Storyteller, their responses were: “Awesome”, “amazing”, “great”, “I liked the noises (she meant sound effects) to go with the stories”.

The girls were completely mesmerised by the stories and did not wish for them to end. I’ve never seen our Brownie unit settle down, and be so quiet, and listen so carefully, for so long, than when Bluebird tells her stories.

Bluebirds stories are for both young and old and have a clear message (at least the ones she tells the brownies) at the end. They are great to listen to, and can leave you thinking about them for days after.

I will definitely be using Bluebird again.

Thank you Bluebird for such a great evening of wonderful stories.


Melanie star
03/01/18 Families drop in at Portsmouth City Museum

BlueBird The Storyteller ran a couple of Storytelling drop in sessions at Portsmouth Museum during the Christmas school holidays. The sessions were well attended and the storyteller created a magical atmosphere with her beautiful backdrop.

The children all seemed to enjoy her mid-winter tales!

Kind Regards


Sandi Anning star
28/10/17 young people aged 10 to 12 years
This was for my Grand daughter Halloween Party.
We had a wonderful evening with Bluebird The Storyteller. The Children (and the adults) were enthralled totally spellbound by the stories which were set just right for the age group.
Bluebird arrived on time with everything with her for a storytelling evening.
Bluebird is excellent value I would thoroughly recommend Bluebird, if you book bluebird it will be magical.


Jason Buck star
21/09/17 Heads and Tales Story Café
Lovely evening at Heads and Tales Cafe with stories by the excellent Bluebird The Storyteller - thrilling, charming, funny (always) and genuinely moving. Always a pleasure to hear Bluebird / Janet tell stories - always look forward to hearing her :) More please!


Lynn George star
06/09/17 Daisy Chain Community group Hayling Island
A lovely afternoon listening to The Storyteller, she had our imaginations living the stories and enjoying the unexpected endings. All ages will enjoy this experience and highly recommend you booking a visit, we will certainly be looking forward to a return visit from The Storyteller.


Jenny Flaherty star
13/09/16 Charlton WI
Janet is a very competent public speaker who held our audience's attention throughout. She created an ambiance of wanting to listen and entertained the group with her amusing traditional stories and moving descriptions of her visit to the first world war graves in France.
I would throughly recommend Bluebird Storytelling to a wide audience as she has many stories with wide appeal.


Barbara woodcock star
14/12/15 Avon WI
I can highly recommend Storyteller Bluebird. This was an evening of storytelling at its best. Original Stories which were so cleverly crafted wove enchantment and wonder out of the air holding us spell bound to the last word.
Once again I highly recommend Bluebird. She gives wings to your imagination and wonder.


Sting in The Tale star
31/07/15 Sting in The Tale
Went to see Bluebird at Corfe Mullen for Captain Icicles and the Snowball Queen - it was great. The children gathered round, the parents absorbed, we were all children again. It was well worth the 90 minute drive and loved the spontaneous storytelling that involved the whole group.


Susan Ireson star
19/04/15 Baby Showe
Bluebird made a brilliant break from the "silly games" required at the baby shower - we all enjoyed her selection of stories which were totally appropriate for the occasion.
Many thanks Bluebird!


Various star
15/04/15 Abbeyfield Tamar House
I did not know what to expect from a Storyteller and thought it might be childish, I only went to support the Committee who arranged it. BUT Bluebird was so professional and I have never experienced anything like it. I am looking forward to her return vist. Resident age 80+
I usually have a nap about the time Bluebird visited but she held my attention throughout, its true to say I was capivated. Resident age 75+
Bluebird, two weeks later the ladies are still talking about you and your stories and are very keen I do book you again. Marian Committee Member.


Annabelle star
19/03/15 5th Birthday Party
Bluebird you are the talk of the playground all the children and their mums are still talking about you and The Unicorn story.
Annabelle age 5.


Lorna Knight star
06/03/15 Alzheimer''s Society
Thank you Blue bird for a truely inspiring story telling session at the Petersfield friendship group. I was so impressed with the consideration and thought that went into the session tailoring it perfectly for people with dementia. A wonderful time was all! I look forward to organising future sessions.
Thanks again
Lorna x x x x


Jackie Harris star
12/03/15 4th Bedhampton Brownies
'The week following Bluebirds visit I asked all the Brownies (age 7-10) to give me one word to describe Bluebirds storytelling. This is what they said...Funny, Amazing, Brilliant, Fantastic, Super, Exciting, Fascinating, Marvelous, Excellent, Really Good, Wonderful, Enjoyable, Awesome, Wow and Superb.
We adults can only agree.


Jennie Bright star
23/01/15 3rd Birthday Party
It was totally ace and the kids are all still talking about it!!


Roi Gal-or star
17/01/15 International School of Storytelling
Janet is a wholehearted storyteller full of surprises and depth with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes and an infectious passion for stories. Follow one of her tales just "once upon a time" and I bet you will come back for more!!!