BLUEBIRD the storyteller
a little dickie bird told me.....


About Stories

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Where do stories come from?

Two Little Dickie Birds sitting on a wall
One named Peter, one named Paul
Fly away Peter, fly away Paul
Come back Peter, come back Paul

Did you know there was a third bird called Percy who does not get a mention? That’s because he is the one who is always off looking and listening to the stories people tell each other, and then he tells them to me. Percy cannot read so he can only ever listen and then repeat what he remembers.

That’s BlueBirds version of events anyway, but it’s not that far from the truth. All cultures have always told stories and passed them down from generation to generation. They were used as ways to retell history and in teaching.

The Story Ladder

Anecdotes and Autobiographical Stories. Tales which we as humans all tell to each other, about ourselves, families, or communities, or about our ancestors. We all do this these stories will often start with “Do you remember when…..

Fables and Teaching Tales

Nursery Rhymes come within this group as mini stories that rhythm and have repetitive form, they help to teach language and numbers to the very young. Fable stories are often centred around animals to teach morals and invariable end with the line “And the moral of the story is…..” Although a good story teller will allow any audience to come to their own conclusion.

Wonder Stories or Fairy Tales

These stories are full of wishes, Prince and Princesses, with bag full of magic for good measure. These traditionally begin “Once upon a time…..” and end with….. “And they all lived happily ever after”. Although some wonder stories endings may be left open and some details in the story may leave scope for the wonder to continue.

Legends, Epics, and Sagas

Tales from our ancestors that are linked to a certain time e.g. Robin Hood, but also mixed with supernatural creatures and out of this world folk.


The actions of the Gods play a large part in these tales and are often specific in their origins from a particular part of the world.

Creation Myths

These stories tell of the beginning and endings of worlds, or a universe, and involve creatures that live within these.